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Updates & Upgrades

Current program versions:

Budget book 7
Current version: 7.18
Cash book 10
Current version: 10.01
Photo calendar
Current version: 2.02
Calendar 3
Current version: 3.60
Logbook 3
Current version: 3.06
Receipt 4
Current version: 4.06
Purchase journal
Current version: 2.06
Addresses 3
Current version: 3.14
Invoice 9
Current version: 9.08
Document archiv
Current version: 1.52
Text editor
Current version: 1.29
Time registration
Current version: 2.20
MyMoney 3
Current version: 3.40

Updates - New program versions

All updates of existing programs are free of charge. In case of an update we increase the version number (e.g. version 2.14 -> 2.15). In case you have purchased a licence number for version 2.xx, you can download and install all updates within version number 2.xx free of charge. Subsequent version numbers are compatible which means that the entries you already made will not get lost the moment you download an update.

Upgrade - New development

Every few years we develop a complete new version of a program (Upgrade). Upgrades can be recognised by a new main version number (e.g. 3.00). Upgrades are free of charge within 6 months after you have purchased the program. The moment we release an upgrade you will be informed by us per Email. To customers, who have been working with the program for more than 6 months, we offer an profitable upgrade licence (ca. 50% of the purchase price). You are not obligated to by the upgrade. You always have the choice to continue working with the existing program version.

This is how it works:

The majority of our program have an option 'Internet update' (under Settings). With this option the program checks whether a new version is available. In case a new version is available, you can download and install this version immediately. In case the program doesn't have the option 'Internet update', you can download the current version from our internet site. After the download has been completed, you restart the program and ofcourse your entries will be available unchanged. Information about what has been changed in the new version can be found in the manual.

Conditions for usage