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With MyMoney it is easy and simple to manage and archive your finances. The program offers you evaluations and statistics with regard to your bank transactions with just a click of the mouse.

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Text- and CSV-import

MyMoney supports Paypal accounts, text-/CSV-import and HBCI-Banking Pin/Tan (only available in Germany). Transactions from your Paypal account can be retrieved directly from the Paypal server. With HBCI-Banking you can retrieve your transactions of almost every German bank, directly over the internet. For all other financial accounts you can import CSV- or text files.

Foreign currencies

Bank transactions with foreign currencies can be loaded without problems.

Automatic recognition with the help of rules

With the help of rules you can book your transactions automatically into a destinated group, e.g. 'Rent' or 'Insurance'. Graphical statistics and overviews will evaluate your transactions per group. This way it is easy to see how high the montly costs are, for exemple for the group 'Insurance'.
To every group you can assign the VAT-%. At the end of each month MyMoney will provide you with an estimated amount of VAT.


MyMoney will archive all transactions. This enables you to search for transactions in the past.

Compatible to Invoice and Purchase Journal

MyMoney is compatible with the programs Invoice and Purchase Journal.

The integrated interface will transfer your transactions automatically. Invoice is able to recognise payments of customers and will assign those payments to the right invoice.
The Purchase Journal will find your outgoing payment and will mark the purchase invoice as paid.

You can download MyMoney 30 days free of charge and without any conditions.

Download MyMoney now and test it free of charge for 30 days.

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