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How can I test a program free of charge?

You can test all software programs completely free of charge and without any conditions for 30 days. After you have tested the program you decide whether you want to purchase a licence number. If you don't want to purchase a licence number you just need to uninstall the program. In order to be able to test a program, please select the program in the Overview and select [Free download]. After you have installed the program you can start working with it right away.

Are the entries in the test version being saved?

Yes, all entries you made during the testing period are being saved, even when the testing period has ended. The moment you enter the licence number you will be able to continue working with all the entries you already made.

How can I order a program?

On our Product site you find an overview of all our software programs. First you select the program you would like to order. Press the button 'Order' and select if you want the download version or the DVD-Box version. Enter the number into the shopping cart. Next you are able to add other products to your shopping cart or finalise your order.

Which methods of payment do I have?

Here you find an overview...

How long will a licence number be valid?

The licence number you purchased will be valid unlimited. You can use the program with the licence number for the next 40 years if you like without paying any extra costs. In case an upgrade is available you decide whether you want to purchase the upgrade licence, or continue working with the version you already have.

I have lost my licence number or did not receive my licence number...

At any time you can request for your licence number withour any charges. You only need the Email address you entered on your order.
Request for your licence number here...

How can I download the software I purchased?

At any time you can download and install the program you purchased from our internet site. Select the program in the Product overview and press the button [Start download].

Are updates free of charge?

Updates are always free of charge. Upgrades are free of charge within 6 months after you have purchased the program.
Difference between update and upgrade...

Is the price a price I only need to pay once?

Yes, you only need to pay the price once. There are no following costs. The licence number is valid unlimited.

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