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Document archiv
Document archiv
Document archiv
Digitize and archive your most important documents.
Document archive

Archive and organise your paper documents and PDF-documents simple and userfriendly with Softwarenetz Document archive.

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Scan documents

Scan your documents, which you receive by regular mail, with the integrated scan option. The program supports all scanners which are Windows compatible (WIA). It's not a problem to scan documents of more than one page. The scanned document will be saved automatically as PDF-file.


Increasingly documents are sent as PDF-document per E-mail. The Document archive offers a special support for these documents.
With the function 'Insert PDF' you can insert one or more than one PDF-documents from the Windows clipboard.

Organise documents

Your documents will sorted by category, which you can create. With just a mouse click you will have access to your document. You are able to print the document at any time or send it per E-mail as PDF-file.

Search option

It is possible to search for specific documents with 'Search'. This way you will always be able to find your document fast and easy.


The program Document archive is able to work within a network and you will have access to the archive from several work stations at the same time.


The most valuable asset of a company is it's own information. The Document archive has an integrated backup function. With just one click of the mouse you can create just one file containting all your information. You can save this file in any directory you like.

You can test the Document archive 30 days free of charge and without any conditions.

Download the Document archive now and test it 30 days free of charge.

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