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The partner program of Softwarenetz

Recommend us to others and earn 10% of the purchase price. Do you have a website? Are you a website developer? Or are you simply satisfied with our software and you would like to recommend us to friends and family?

In that case you can sign in on our partner program...

This is how it works:

You promote our software products on your website. For this no knowlegde of programming is required. We have several texts, screenshots and graphics available which you can simply add to your website. We gather all sold products, which have been sold through you or your website, and will pay you 10% of the purchase price of those products at the end of the month.

Here you can sign in on the partner program and start right away...

Additional questions?

In case you have additional questions we will be pleased to help you. Please contact our support team by phone from Monday - Friday 10 AM - 2 PM, +49 (0)6187 4769920 or by Email under

Additional information

You can only sign in when your website contains legally correct contents. The 10% is only calculated on the software product(s). Box- and shippingscosts are not included.



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