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cloud drive
cloud drive
cloud drive
With the cloud drive access to your files from everywhere
Softwarenetz cloud drive

Access to your files - always and everywhere.

Always have access to your files, at home, at the office and whilst travelling. Your files are no longer saved upon your harddisk but online on your cloud drive.

Connect several locations

Connect your locations worldwide with our cloud drive. You only need a Softwarenetz cloud drive and an internet connection.

Several users at the same time

Our cloud drive is more than just a simple online storage. With the intelligent datamanagement several users have access to the same files at the same time.

Fast and efficient

You just use your Softwarenetz programs as usual. You will see no difference between the local and online storage. Our cache technology transfers the encrypted files with high speed.

High security

Security is written in capitals. We apply the same technogoly as the banks for their onlinebanking.

Overview of advantages

More advantages of the cloud drive:
  • No longer lost of files during a computer crash. Just install the progam again, connect it to your cloud drive and continue.
  • Connect additional workplaces easely. The workstations have access to the files immediately.
  • Independent of location - access at home, at the office or whilst travelling.
  • File security - your files can not be affected by computer virusses or infected software

Profitable and without contract binding

Just start with the cloud drive basic which costs € 29,90 per year. In case you need more storage space you can upgrade your cloud drive at any time.

No contract binding - after the usage period has passed you decide whether to extend your cloud drive for another year or not.

Compatible products:

At this moment we are integrating the cloud drive technology into all Softwarenetz products. Prior to your order please check whether your software product is compatible with the Softwarenetz cloud drive!

These products are compatible with the Softwarenetz cloud drive

It always fits

Depending on your needs we offer several sizes of cloud drives. It doesn't matter whether you use it for private or business purposes. Just select the cloud drive which meets your needs.

More information about the different sizes of cloud drive packages...

Terms of use & uninstall

Compatible products

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