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cloud drive
With the cloud drive access to your files from everywhere
Details with regard to available cloud drive sizes

Here you find the exact details about the available database and online storage. In case you are not sure which size of cloud drive you need, please contact our support. We will be pleased to help you with your choice.

Cloud drive Basic

Cloud drive Basic is the right choice when you only use one Softwarenetz program, e.g. Addresses3 and you are the only user. The size of the database is 5MD online storage and 50MB for program files. This size is large enough for ca. 5000 addresses with pictures.

Cloud drive S, M and L

All cloud drives S, M and L can be used by more than one program at the same time. You can e.g. connect Addresses3 and Calendar3 with the same cloud drive. Several users are able to work with the same files. Depending on the selected cloud drive size, 2 - 20 users at the same time are possible.

All cloud drives at a glance

cloud drive basic

Database:  5 MB
Files:  50 MB
User:  max. 2

cloud drive S

Database:  20 MB
Files:  100 MB
User:  max. 3

cloud drive M

Database:  50 MB
Files:  200 MB
User:  max. 5

cloud drive L

Database:  200 MB
Files:  500 MB
User:  max. 20

Compatible with Softwarenetz cloud drive

At this moment we are integrating the cloud drive technology into all our Softwarenetz products.
The following programs are already compatible with the Softwarenetz cloud drive:

Compatible products

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