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Time registration
Time registration
Time registration and vacation planner
Softwarenetz Time Registration

The Time registration program of Softwarenetz is a simple, user friendly program to register the working hours and the holiday planning of your employees.

Screen prints of Time Registration

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Time registraion and vacation planner Automatic time registration, click to enlarge Overview employee Vacation planner

With the check in/out system you can register the working hours automatically. With a double click you can check in/out your employees. It is even easier when you use our magnet card system. The employee simply pulls his magnet card through the reader device to check in/out.

Holiday planner

In the holiday planner you can enter the holidays of your employees. The Time Registration program automatically calculates the remaining days off and shows the allocated days per year. It is possible to assign per employee the allocated days off per year.

Graphical statistics and analysis

Several analysis show you the workings hours of a certain period. The time journal shows the working hours one by one in a listing. You can select whether this listing should show all employees or only a certain group of employees, e.g. different departments. You can export the working hours to a CSV-file and give it to your accountant.

Import the hours of external employees

With Softwarenetz Time Registration you can enter the working hours of employees who work (partly) from home. This way it's possible to export the hours e.g. once a month per email to the central office where the hours can be imported into the employee account.

Individual settings

Every employee can have his own individual working days, e.g. when a employee only works on Monday and Wednesday. These individual working days are taking into account with regard to the holiday planning.


The Softwarenetz Time Registration can be used within a network. E.g. you can use one terminal within the network as a check in/out terminal. With this special modus you can exit this terminal only with a password. Your employees can check in/out at this terminal, either manually or automatically with magnet cards).

Magnetic cards and magnetic stripe reader

With a magnetic stripe reader you can register the working hours automatically. To check in/out just pull the magnetic card through the stripe reader.

More information about the magnetic cards and the stripe reader ...

You can test Softwarenetz Time Registration free of charge and without any conditions for 30 days.

Download Time Registration now free of charge for 30 days.

Screen prints of Time Registration

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Program options Statistics working times and wages Monthly working times and wages Time journal
Print preview Magnetic card reader device for automatic time registration Magnetic cards for employees  

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